May 2012

June 1st, 2012

The 1st weekend in May was HOT and we spent most of the weekend at the park, in the backyard, and doing yard work. I was very sore from all the running around we did. The next weekend was Mother’s Day and the boys showered me with flowers, chocolate, and a wonderful lunch at P.F. Chang’s. They even behaved themselves most of the day. Right before bedtime they started acting up, I guess behaving has its limitations.
Ross had shoulder surgery this month and is recovery nicely. We had our last Sunday School class for the year this month and we had a nice lunch afterwards. We also signed up for VBS this summer. We also gathered up the clan at McKinley Park to play and then to Smokey Bones to celebrate our spring birthdays.
Memorial weekend we went up to Wellington because we wanted to test drive camping with the boys and my cousin Meghan graduated college. She will be moving to New York to pursue her musical career. My aunt and cousin were out from CT and Martin was over the moon to see Ella. We also enjoyed a pig roast at my Uncle Chris’ and swimming in the pool. We all had a blast!! Our cousin Sienna also graduated high school this weekend. It is hard to believe that our bridesmaid has grown up so much. We also made a trip to the zoo this month and of course we enjoyed seeing all the animals. I was excited because I finally got to see the Australian exhibit.
Brody had his follow up appointment for his tooth. We are happy to report that he will not need surgery to remove the tooth. Brody, surprisingly, did not put up a fight when the dentist examine his mouth.The boys are happy, healthy, and rowdy as usual. They are enjoying the outdoors and are constantly asking to go to the park. We will definitely be making the rounds of the Columbus parks this summer. We also have plans to visit the Cleveland Zoo and a train museum in Bellevue, OH.