March 2011

March 31st, 2011

We survived the teething and Brody is sporting 2 new pearly whites for a total of 4. He is moving faster and talking more. He now says 4 words and can follow direction. Martin’s sense of humor is blossoming and he is a big goofball with all of the silly things he will come up with.
I has been busy planning a baby shower for my cousin Mandy who is due in June with a little boy. Brett did some work on the basement while the boys and I went up to Wellington. We all had fun, but I think Martin had a blast. He got to play with his favorite cousin Ella and spend time with my parents. The last weekend in March Brett and Martin help Uncle Dave move into his 1st house.
Hopefully we had our LAST snow of the season but we shall see. On to April Showers and Brody’s 1st birthday party!