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October 2014

November 12th, 2014

October brought fall like weather. We had to turn the heat on for the 1st time this season. We put away all the kids summer clothes and brought out the fleece pajamas. I have been busy selling all of the kids’ clothes that they have grown out of and toys they no longer need/want.

Brett and I had our 1st parent/teach conference for Martin and we heard amazing things about our budding mathematician. His teacher couldn’t say enough about how well Martin does in class. Martin also turned 7 this month. We celebrated with the family with snacks, cake, and ice cream.

Brody continues to do well in preschool and loves to be a helper. He doesn’t like to talk about the things he learns but I will catch him talking about 1 thing or another that I know he picked up from school.
Joselyn is officially 15 months old. She will go through the motions of brushing her teeth and can get her shoes on herself (which she puts on quite often). She still is a chatter box and keeps growing and growing.

Brett went on a training business trip to Texas at the end of the month. That made for a hectic few days. Brett got back home just in time to celebrate his birthday.

Halloween was a success. We had a pirate (Martin), a skeleton (Brody), and a Bumblebee (Joselyn). They all made out like bandits and had a good time.

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