April 2013

May 1st, 2013

What a busy month…..

Brody turned 3 this month and as usual we celebrated with both sides of the family. He had a blast and is so excited about all his new toys. Brody weighed in at 34lbs (a gain of 6lbs) and is 39 in (a growth of 3.5in). He had has blood pressure taken for the first time and he was very calm about it. I think it helped that he has watched Martin and myself get it done. He is also officially day potty trained. He is already fighting wearing a pull up at night.
I had 2 doctor appointments and Joselyn and I are still doing great. She is growing on track and has a nice heart rate.
We registered Martin for kindergarten! I can’t believe it is done. Martin got a hearing and vision test done. We both got to meet the teachers and principal. He was a little apprehensive when we were separated to go our individual activities but came back all smiles when he was done. Afterwards we went to lunch and he got to pick the restaurant. Martin had a spring program at his school and he did a wonderful job.
Brett started seeing his chiropractor and after 2 appointments switched from adjusting to traction on his neck. He also started using a pain patch in addition to his other pain meds.
We celebrated Ross’ birthday the last weekend of the month. Everyone had a good time visiting and playing Wii.
8 more weeks and we will be a family of 5.