The Clan is reborn online

October 16th, 2007

I have finished what was needed to get this baby running to a visually respectable manner. Brett and I looked at quite a few themes before we chose this one, Rusty. We were looking for something with color not black on white text. We found a few other themes that we may want to switch to in the future. The initial people to get access to the page should have a login/pass for the main page, photo gallery, and message board. I might need to tweak a few things so when you login to the main page you get access to the photo gallery.

Photo Gallery-
Setting up Gallery2 went well i have uploaded some pictures to check functionality. I had some problems integrating the photo gallery into wordpress (what this site is built on) but after some work its nearly seamless.

Message Board -
Our message board is ready for prime time also, I did quite a bit of visual work to only have it lost to the latest upgrade of the forum (phpBB3). I updated to a new release candidate that was offer on the 13th only to find that it disabled login to admin control if you were using a custom theme. The custom theme I was editing to nearly match the front page is lost, then new release required a change to every custom theme. I got a new theme its not as involved, just changed the logo at the top. After being given a dirty diaper by that update I don’t want to spend to much time making it visually look like this home page. The message board is primarily for conversation that is not fit for the audience of the main page.

Give it a try -
We need to take some first steps so post, add a photo or five, and try the board. If ya have any problems call/email me, their might be something I can do to make it easier. Provide content.

Did you notice the subliminal message to this post? Well my sister-in-law is about to have a baby! Check back here for news and hopefully some pictures.

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