November 2011

December 1st, 2011

We put our Christmas tree up right after Thanksgiving officially starting the Christmas season. Martin wanted to put it up on Thanksgiving. I finished up the last of my Christmas shopping this month. Brett on the other hand will probably be shopping on Christmas Eve just like he does every year. 8) Martin also started learning his songs for his Christmas pageant.
We spent a lot of time outside at the beginning of the month enjoying that last few warm days we had before the cold really sets in. We were able to finally move the swingset we bought into our backyard.
After months of searching we finally found a new sitter and the boys started going there just before Thanksgiving. The boys have adjusted amazing well in the short time they have been at the new sitters. Their behavior at home has changed and they are in general happier boys. And Brett and I are happier parents. We spent Thanksgiving at the McCoy’s with our usual crowd. We had a nice time visiting with everyone and celebrating Grandma Flo’s birthday.
The boys keep growing and growing as children are want to do. Martin surprised us all with his writing capabilities and we are very proud of him. Brody is learning new words and learning to do things for himself. Brody’s newest word is “apple”.