July 2009

August 5th, 2009

Kate had her surgery and everything went great! She was sore for a few days but nothing out of the ordinary. Brett has been working a lot of overtime this month. He had to get┬áso many┬áhours of OT for the month to get a $150 GC to a place of his choice and he did it!! Brett sacrificed a lot of time at home to do it. Kate’s cousin Mandy got married on 7/31. It was a nice ceremony and reception. We enjoyed spending time with family that we don’t often get to see. We got to spend time with Kate’s mom, Uncle Jeremiah and his girlfriend, Uncle Paul and Aunt Brenda, and cousins Alex and Ella at the zoo. They all had a wonderful time looking at all of the animals, especially the tiger!

Martin is turning into a daredevil. He is now jumping off of things and purposely falling off the couch. Martin loves driving his trucks around the living room. Martin loves to read books and loves it when mama and daddy read to him. He would probably sit with books for hours if we let him. Martin had a his 1st trip to urgent care after he tripped and fell in our driveway. Thankfully he didn’t need any stitches and his cut has healed nicely. Martin is becoming a big helper around the house. He helps put away toys and clothes, and unloads the dishwasher. Martin is learning to put on and take off his clothes. He still needs a lot of help.

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