June 2011

July 1st, 2011

Kate started out the month by heading up north for a Bachelorette Party and it was her 1st overnight stay away from Brody. Everyone survived but Martin decided to lock our bedroom door and then close it. Needless to say we ended up with a new door because Brett hacked up the old one trying to get in the bedroom. Kate’s brother married his high school sweetheart the following weekend with Martin as the Ring Bearer. It was a beautiful ceremony and great reception!!! Our niece, Isabel was also baptized on Father’s Day. Kate’s cousin gave birth to a healthy boy, Han Patrick, on 6/17/11. He is definitely a cutie.
We learned this month that Brody has reflux, which is why he has been throwing up so much and refusing to eat. So far we are treating with OTC meds and it seems to be working. Brody also cut 3 molars and 1 bottom front tooth with 3 more teeth moving around in his mouth. Martin got his 1st stomach bug complete with puking. Poor guy rarely gets sick and he was down and out for about 48 hours. We also registered Martin for swimming lessons later this summer. We took Martin to see Cars 2 on the big screen. He was amazed by how big everything was and enjoyed the movie. What a busy month and July will prove to be just as busy as we travel to Wellington, Brett has a business trip, and Martin starts vacation bible study.