Joselyn Paige

July 6th, 2013

Joselyn Paige finally graced us with her presence (after being served her eviction notice) on July 5th at 5:21pm and weighed in at 9lbs 0oz. She is 21.25 inches long.

See Facebook for pictures.


June 2013

July 2nd, 2013

We started the month in Wellington to watch my cousin graduate high school. We had a fun time visiting with everyone. We all came home exhausted.
This months began my weekly appointments. It is exhausting going every week but I love hearing Joselyn’s heartbeat. I also worked my last day of work for the next 12 weeks on 6/28. What a wonderful feeling that was.
The boys had soccer camp this month and at least Martin had a blast. Swimming lessons were this month as well. Brody refused to cooperate and spent most of his time on the sidelines. He definitely wasn’t ready this year. Brody did great with swimming lessons, he had a blast jumping into the pool and being able to touch the bottom. Martin once again had a blast playing soccer. He has definitely improved from last year thanks to Brett working with him on his foot work. He of course took to the water like a fish (I think he grows gills when water touches him).
We celebrated Father’s Day with Gma and Gpa McCoy. The McCoy Boys took Ross out shooting. And we got to visit with Aunt Elaine and Uncle Leon.
We stayed close to home the rest of the month getting ready for Joselyn’s impending arrival. We cleaned, gardened, and bought the last of the items we would need for her. Martin is very excited to meet his new sister and Brody just wants his “other” mommy back. The one who used to chase him and wrestle with him.