December 2013

January 2nd, 2014

As we counted down the days until Christmas, the boys kept adding things to their list to Santa and changing it all together. Joselyn and I had fun going out and doing a lot of shopping together. She also helped me wrap. I even let her play with some of her toys before I wrapped them.
Brett and the boys surprised me for Christmas by coming in to Ohio a few days early. It was amazing having my Brody barrel into me and giving me the biggest hugs he could muster and my Martin squeezed my waist so tight that I it almost hurt. Brett went to VA the Sunday after Christmas but the boys stayed in Wellington with Grandma Yoder so that they could spend time with Ella. We all had a great time together and I can’t wait to see them again.
Joselyn is 5 months old this month and is about 16.5 lbs. She sits without assistance and is showing a tremendous amount of interest in what I am eating. She is also reaching for objects and passing them from hand to hand. She loves to talk and make as much noise as she can.
Martin continues to do well in school and is learning to sound out the words that he sees. He is maturing rapidly and he makes Brett and I proud with what he has learned.
Brody is starting to recognize and write his letters and numbers.
All 3 of my babies are at different stages in their lives but it never ceases to amaze me of what they have all accomplished in their short lives.