May 2014

June 3rd, 2014

Brett and the boys came to OH in the middle of the month and we had a wonderful time visiting. The boys got to see the “old” house again and had fun visiting with friends and family. Brett and I attended a wedding while he was in town and we had a great time.
We got to see each other again Memorial weekend because Brett’s Uncle Leon’s health is failing and Brett wanted to see him 1 more time. While Brett was visiting Leon, I took the kids to see my parents where we rode on a gator. Martin was so proud of the fact that he got to drive the gator.

Martin took his 1st school field trip to the Richmond Zoo. He was nervous about riding the bus for the 1st time but he did great. He had a good time at the zoo and had plenty of stories to tell about it. Martin also has his 1st loose tooth.

Brody is into knock knock jokes. He could go on for hours making things up. Some of his jokes are 5 minute renditions of what the chicken does or will do.

Joselyn is 10 months old. She has 2 teeth now. She also waves, claps her hands, and shakes her head. She is also quite the little tantrum thrower. She is my little red head for sure!