June 2009

July 1st, 2009

Kate started taking Tai Chi classes. We also celebrated Kate’s brother Dave’s 27th birthday at the Winking Lizard. Grandpa started a new type of chemo last month and so far so good. He has been running around being his old ornery self. Kate’s Grandparents celebrated 54 yrs of marriage and to celebrate all the kids pitched in to buy them tickets for a hot air balloon ride.  They both enjoyed the ride and even want to do it again.

We took our 1st step in remodeling the basement. Ross, Brett, and Dave put in a new electric box. This is a nice upgrade from the original 1965 box. The next step will be to tear out the paneling and rewire the basement. Fun Fun Fun!!!

Martin got his 15th tooth and is 20 months old!!! He only has 5 more teeth to go before he has a full set! Martin is adding new words to his vocabulary and is up to about 50 words and counting. Martin also went into the big pool in Wellington and had a blast jumping off the side and splashing in the water. Brett and I officially have a little fish on our hands.

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