March 2012

April 2nd, 2012

At the beginning of the month Brody and Martin each had their turn in fighting illness. What started out as a cold turned into Bronchiolitis and then an ear infection for Brody. Brody had to use an inhaler for a week to keep his airways open. Martin started with a cold and developed a fever for a day. I’m glad we are past that. I am happy to report that Brody now only has 1 ear tube. The other has officially fallen out!
We spent a lot of time outside since it was unseasonably warm this month. It was great to shed the coats and get some fresh air without being cold. We also installed new carpet in the basement, which brings us 1 step closer to getting everything finished. We just need to get trim, new windows, and furniture. We went up to Norwalk, OH to celebrate Uncle Leon’s birthday and we all had fun visiting with everyone.At the end of the month, I took the boys to the zoo. We got to see an elephant and some monkeys up close. It was neat seeing the monkeys at feeding time. We spent the last day of the month getting ready for Brody’s 2nd birthday party.
Brody continues to expand his vocabulary and his imagination is blossoming. As I write this he is pretending to be dog with Martin. Brody is also perfecting his climbing skills. It surprises me what he can climb on now. Martin is also growing and learning. It seems everyday he comes home with a new tidbit of information on space, science, geography, etc. He is also starting to write. Martin is also drawing things for us and his coloring has improved over the past few months.