January 2013

February 3rd, 2013

The month started of snowy and cold and then got warm, then cold and snowed a bit, then warm again, and finally the month ended with cold.
Going back to work after a week off was hard, but we managed to quickly get back into the swing of things. The first weekend we celebrated Isabel’s 2nd birthday. The following weekend Brett went on a retreat with all the church leaders so the boys and I had to find our own entertainment. Brody moved into Martin’s room after we set up their new bunk beds. It has been a rough adjustment for Brett and I because the boys are up and down and are prone to giggling fits after the lights have been turned off. And of course within days, Brody fell (or jumped?) giving himself a nice goose egg when he hit his head.
At school this month, the kids focused on books and reading. We have some beginning reader books and Martin has started recognizing words by sight. I love that he is learning so much at school and at home. Brett really got him started with helping him to read. Brody is counting more and more as well as recognizing his letters. He absolutely must do everything that Martin does. Brody has also started showing random interest in the potty.
Our biggest news of the month: We found out that baby #3 is a GIRL!!! It’s been almost a week and I am still in denial. I am doing well despite my bouts of morning sickness.