November 2010

November 27th, 2010

November started slowly and quickly picked up the pace as Thanksgiving approached. Brody and I helped to host a baby shower for Aunt Rebecca. We all had a great time. We put up our tree the weekend before Thanksgiving and now all Martin can talk about is Santa coming to visit us. We spent Thanksgiving Day at the McCoys, where we prepared dinner since Grandma Judy’s wrist was still preventing her from doing a lot. We also celebrated Great Grandma Flo’s birthday. We then headed up to Wellington for yet another turkey dinner and pie. It was a busy but fun weekend. Surprisingly I am already halfway done with Christmas shopping. Normally I am starting right about now.
Just as we start the month Brody pops his 1st tooth and began to crawl. Brody prefers to stand more than anything. He squeals in delight and laughs when he is standing. Brody had a rough month healthy wise he battled 2 ear infections and hives. Poor Baby! Martin has started counting to 5 and recognizing letters. On to the craziness we call December!


October 2010

November 1st, 2010

October was a busy month for us. The 1st part of the month was spent planning Martin’s 3rd birthday party. Friends and family gathered for Martin’s birthday party at Friendship Park and we had a blast. I couldn’t have asked for a better day. Brody hit the half year mark and is 6 months old! He is also weighing in at 19lbs 2 oz and is 27.75 in This month he started saying “mama” and is trying to crawl. Martin is starting to count and can get to 5 so far. Martin is now weighing in at 35.4 lbs and is 37.75 in. The boys started at a new sitter and we are all very happy with her.
Martin (Buzz) and Brody (Toy Story Alien) went trick or treating. It was very cold so we didn’t last long but Buzz still managed to get a boatload of candy.
Brett went on his bi-annual camping trip and he had great weather. The boys and I missed him but I got in some quality time with my boys.