March 2013

April 2nd, 2013

We started off the month with viruses. The boys each got something different and amazingly no one else caught their respective bugs. Thank goodness everyone was well by the time we got a nice taste of warm weather. That weekend we painted the nursery and went took the boys bowling for the 1st time. Martin even managed to get a strike! He is very proud of that accomplishment. The following weekend, Brett went up to Norwalk to celebrate Uncle Leon’s birthday. We colored eggs the weekend before Easter and as usual the boys had a blast. They loved the Iron Man stickers that Isabel picked out for them. We also went on an Easter egg hunt with the McCoy clan. They both had a ton of fun, although I’m not sure if Brody got the idea that he is supposed to pick up the eggs. He just kept running around pointing at all the eggs on the ground.We ended the month with Easter by going to church and coming home to a nice dinner with my brother and his girlfriend.
Brett had an EMG done on his back to test the nerves. At the follow up appointment with this surgeon, it was decided that surgery was not the next step. Brett will now see a chiropractor for at least 4 visits. If that doesn’t work, he will do the steroid injections. If that doesn’t work, then we will consider surgery.
I also had a doctor appointment and Joselyn and I are doing great. We are both healthy. I had to do the 1 hour glucose test and I passed. Brett and I have also started buying clothes for our baby girl. This is our 1st time having to buy an entire wardrobe for a new baby.
Martin had a short month for school because of spring break and parent teacher conferences. He is doing great and is all ready for Kindergarten in the fall.
Brody hit a major milestone. He started using the potty and is wearing underwear. He finally did this on his own. He knew he had until his 3rd birthday to wear diapers but he chose to give them up earlier. we are very proud of our big boy! Brody’s enunciation is getting better and he is proving himself to be quite the jokster and loves to laugh.
April is a busy month between work, school, and all sorts of doctor appointments for the entire family.