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October 2011

November 1st, 2011

I started out the month with a girls day with my sister-in-law, Joanna. We went up to Kalahari (indoor water park) and we had a blast! I missed the boys but I needed to have some time away. Then Brett and I got a nasty cold (the boys were spared this time) and it took awhile to get well again. Despite being sick we had to clean clean clean to get ready for Martin’s birthday party! He was so excited he had a countdown going. We had beautiful weather and a nice turnout. Even though he just turned 4, Martin is already talking about his 5th birthday. I’m not ready for that yet! Next up, Brody had his surgery to remove the hydrocele and he did very well. He was back to his old self in just a few days. Martin also got to spend the night at Grandma and Grandpa McCoy’s for the 1st time and he did not want to come home. Brett went on his biannual camping trip on the the coldest weekend of the month, but that didn’t bother him. He enjoys the cold weather camping. Brett and I took the boys to a church Halloween event. We carved pumpkins, jumped for donuts, had a parade, and went trunk or treating. We are learning that Martin does not care for all of the scary stuff associated with Halloween. He doesn’t mind spooky things as long as they aren’t scary spooky. On Halloween night we took a spider-man and a skeleton out trick or treating. Both boys were so excited to go out and get candy. I think Martin got about 5lbs of candy and we only stayed out an hour.

The boys had their 18 month and 4 yr well visits this month. Both Brody and Martin are healthy and growing! Martin gained 4lbs and grew 3 inches this year. He is now 40lbs and 41 inches tall. Brody gained 3lbs since July and grew about 1.5inches. He is now 25lbs and 32 inches tall. Martin is counting, recognizing letters & numbers, he has started to add and has started to write his letters & numbers. And ever since we got the Wii, Martin is learning how to play video games as well. Brody is perfecting his latest love of climbing and jumping off of things. Brody is becoming more verbal, although we are hard pressed to understand 90% of what he says. He says a few understandable words (and added more each day), will make animal and cars sounds. He is also learning parts of the body, if you ask Brody will gladly honk your nose. Brody recently said Martin for the first time as well.

On to cold weather and turkey!

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