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February 2014

March 3rd, 2014

The month started out cold and snowy for Joselyn and I. But the weather was fairly warm and rainy for Brett and the boys. They had a few inches of snow and Brett even got a snow day.
Joselyn hit 7 months old this month and is up on hands and 1 knee and 1 foot. She is officially mobile as she scoots all over the place. She is around 17lbs now and about 27 inches long. She outgrew her infant bucket seat in length so she has been ugraded to a Convertible seat.
Joselyn and I made a trip to VA over Valentine’s weekend for a short but much needed visit. We didn’t do much of anything but spend time together and snuggle. It was so nice to hold my babies in my arms.
Both boys have grown since Christmas. Brody grew so much we switched him to 4T pants. He really needed the length. Brody is constantly singing his ABCs and counting everything he has.
Martin informed me that he can pour his own milk and cereal now. Granted that is if the milk jug is less than half full.
After our visit, Brett, Brody, Joselyn and myself got a horrible cold. So far Martin has escaped this round of illness. The week before Brett and Martin both had a stomach bug.
I’m still job searching without luck. Brett and I have decided that we will be fixing the basement walls. That will surely help with getting rid of the house.

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