May 2009

May 31st, 2009

Martin can now say 25 words and he signs 5. Martin has also unfortunately learned what time out means. The tantrums are in full swing now with no end in sight. On the upside, he is very inquisitive and always pointing and asking “what’s that/this?” Martin is also blowing kisses now and will give all the characters a book a kiss when he is read to. Martin has discovered a love for books and has some rotating favorites.We cut down the tree in our front yard and replaced it with an Autumn Blaze Maple. I can’t wait for the tree to get big enough to shade our house again. Kate hosted a wedding shower for her cousin and all went well. Martin got to play with all of his cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents while we were in Wellington that weekend. Grandpa is done with chemo and is feeling great! We at just waiting on test results. Brett started the Biggest Loser at work and started weight watchers to help him become the biggest loser. Kate was diagnosed with having a Fibroidadnoma and will be having it removed in July. It is an outpatient surgery and will be right as rain in no time.