May 2011

June 1st, 2011

What a busy and wet month. We started off May with a wonderful Mother’s Day celebration. The Saturday before, a few church friends gathered at our house for a play date. All the kids a great time and so did the adults. On Mother’s Day I was showered with hugs and kisses from the boys and after church we went to Mongolian BBQ for lunch. It was a wonderful time and even Brody behaved himself. After nap we went to Uncle Tracy and Aunt Rebecca’s to celebrate with Grandma McCoy and Great Grandma Flo. We all had a nice time.
We also registered Martin to attend his 1st vacation bible study this July! During the registration there was food, games, and a bounce house! My mom and I hosted a baby shower for my cousin Mandy who is due with a boy in June. It was a nice time and great food! We spent a very quiet Memorial Weekend hanging around the house, doing yard work, getting some fun in the sun! Both boys really enjoy spending time outdoors. In fact Brody will grab his shoes and bring them to you and if that doesn’t work, he will start banging on the door. Brody has started trying to climb on things. It will be a matter of time before he is climbing! He is using very talkative and loves to chase after big brother. Martin is growing like a weed. He amazes us with all of the things he knows. He can sing his ABCs, he recognizes letters and numbers, as well as count as high as 15. He has also started to draw pictures instead of just scribbling. He makes a very nice robot!