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August 2014

October 6th, 2014

We started the month in Wellington to celebrate my uncle’s 50th birthday. We ended up back in Wellington 2 weeks later for Mommypalooza. We all had a blast hanging out with friends and family.

School started for Martin on August 13th! We officially have a 1st grader in the house. He looks the part too. He is very excited to make new friends and learn new things.

Joselyn had a small language explosion this month. She will be jabbering away and all of a sudden a word will pop out. She loves play with her brothers (which really annoys Brody) She got 2 more teeth in this month as well.

Brett is adjusting well to his new job and is loving it. It is stressful at times trying to meet deadlines for their “grand opening” this month.

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