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January 2015

February 9th, 2015

We started out the month attending our niece’s 4th birthday party. Unfortunately Joselyn was still getting over the flu so we had to leave early.
Martin did baseball clinics to get a feel for the sport. He seemed to enjoy learning about all the different positions but I don’t think it was enough to want to play. He did however get signed up with his 1st soccer league. He is beyond excited to start the season. Brett and I attended a parent/teacher conference for Martin and he is doing very well in school. His teacher is very pleased with all the hard work that Martin puts into learning and feels that he will excel the rest of the year.
During a routine dentist visit, it was found that Martin’s tooth had abcessed due to a filling he had 6 months prior. We unfortunately had to pull the tooth and he goes next month to get a spacer put it. Martin did well despite the circumstances and had the tooth fairy come visit him that night.
Brody is doing well with preschool. I have notice how much taller he has gotten and how much his face has mature in the past 6 months. It is hard to believe that next month I will start the process of registering my 2nd child for school.
Joselyn had her 18 month well visit and she is 33.25inches tall and 24.5lbs. Her doctor said she is doing well and is pleased with her progress. Joselyn is a little chatterbox and has a few words under her belt. The terrible 2s have settled in and Joselyn now gets her fair share of timeouts.
January was rough on us healthwise. Mid January had 4 of 5 of us with a stomach bug. Martin escaped that but a week later he came down with a horrible case of strep throat. Along with the all of that we experienced our share of colds.

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