August 2011

September 1st, 2011

Martin finished up VBS at the beginning of August and then the next week started swimming lessons. Martin did very well and he learned how to go under water and swim a short distance. He also got to jump off of the diving board. He is very excited about his new swimming skills. Brody cut another tooth this month. Brody is a busy bee trying to keep up with Martin. He loves to climb and we got him a stool just for him so he can climb on it to his hearts content. Brody also had his surgical consult and along with the surgeon we decided that it would be best to have the surgery to remove the hydrocele. It is scheduled for Oct. This child has met his quota for the year!
A friend graduated from OSU with her MBA and we went to a cookout in her honor. We also had Mommypalooza once again this year. It is always nice seeing all of my “aunts” and I am glad this it was under much better circumstances this year. Brody and Martin go to go to see some airplanes in Mt Gilead and now Brody loves airplanes. The end of the month marks 1 year since my Grandpa lost his battle with cancer. It’s hard to believe we survived the year. He was very loved (even Martin will talk about him from time to time) and will always be missed.