November 2013

December 2nd, 2013

It is strange for me to be without my boys. Joselyn and I are becoming quite the bachelorettes. We are getting into a routine and it suites us. I started my Christmas shopping and I am almost done. Brett and the boys are getting along well in VA. Although Brett is missing snow and wishes he was in OH for the 1st snow of the season.
Martin is learning to read! He is recognizing more and more words. He is doing well in school and his teacher has put him in the “high” reading group. Which means he knows his letters and their sounds, so now he needs to learn words and their sounds.
Brody is as rambunctous as ever. He is keeping Brett in shape with all the chasing Brody needs.
Joselyn had her 4 month well visit this month and she is 14lbs 11oz and 25.25 inches long. She is sitting assisted and can even sit unassisted for a few seconds. She is very talkative and I believe she has started singing. She says da-da and is putting everything in her mouth that she can get a hold of. She also had her 1st 2 colds this month. On top of all her 1sts she started cutting her 1st tooth this month. It isn’t in yet but it shouldn’t be long before it is.
Joselyn and I traveled to VA for Thanksgiving and it was wonderful! I got to spend 4 glorious days with my boys and it ended all too soon. We squeezed in a lot of family time including making ninjabread cookies and visiting Santa. I can’t wait until Christmas when I get to hold them again.