April 2012

May 10th, 2012

We started off the month with Brody’s 2nd birthday party. We had a great turnout and we all had a good time. Brody became very possessive of his new toys and had a few scuffles with Martin and cousin Isabel. This year Brody’s birthday was the same day as Easter so we had a nice quiet Easter at home and had a small cake to celebrate. This month Brett and I celebrated 7 years of marriage and counting! We had a nice lunch with the McCoy’s to celebrate Ross’ birthday towards the end of the month. The last weekend of the month Brett went on his bi-annual camping trip while the rest of us headed north to visit my parents and celebrate my mom’s birthday. We went to a carnival at my old high school and we all had a blast. We had an impromptu birthday party for my cousin who will be 17 in May.
Brody and Martin continue to keep Brett and I on our toes. Martin is blossoming into his own right with his smart alek ways. Martin surprised me by quoting a Diego episode word for word. He also can say most Our Father by himself now as well. Brody is blossoming into a little comedian. He is always laughing about something (although quite often we have no idea what he is laughing about). Brody has his 2yr well check and got 1 vaccine. He cried until her heard he could get a sticker. He is 36 inches tall, weighs 27.5lbs, and is healthy toddler.