July 2012

August 2nd, 2012

The heat continues! We have at least had a bit of rain but it didn’t help to cool things off. The 1st week in July was spent in 90+ degree weather. We had a cookout at our house and invited a couple friends over for some hot dogs and swimming for the kids. We had 4 4.5yr old boys and a 2 yr old boy running the backyard. Everyone had a great time and all 5 boys were ready to crash. The following weekend we went up to Wellington for the 3rd annual Yoder/Farnsworth 4th of July party complete with fireworks to which Brody fell asleep to. We, as always had a ton of fun, 4-wheeling, swimming, and eating! Martin finished up soccer camp and was sad to see it done. He got a nice medal for all his hard work especially in the 90+ degree weather. Swimming lessons were next for Martin and he did a great job. He learned to float on his front and back and can swim a short distance. Brody is becoming a regular fish in the pool as well. He loves to jump in the pool and lobster crawl. Brody has started singing his ABCs and loves to count. He has also started showing a lot of interest in using the potty. He isn’t quite ready yet but we are encouraging him to try. Brett started his next term on the church council and was elected President. We went to a cookout for the council members and their families. The boys got a kick out of feeding and petting the horses. We ended the month with a visit up to Grandma and Grandpa McCoy’s. Aunt Elayne and Uncle Leon were down from Norwalk and it was good seeing them again.