Martin is 5!

November 2nd, 2012

We have a new inhome care provider for the boys! And the 4 of us love her to pieces! We celebrated Halloween a lot this year, we went to Creepside, a trunk or treat at our church,and regular trick or treating! Martin also had a Halloween party at school. Martin decided he was going to be Mr. Incredible and Brody wanted to be a race car. The race car was made by Brett and turned out really nice.
We got some sad news this month. Brett’s Great Aunt Toot passed away after being involved in a car accident at 87 years old. Brett’s Uncle Rich also had a bad accident with on an ATV, he broke several bones and has a concussion. We are praying for a full recovery.
This month we celebrated Martin’s 5th birthday! Each birthday is a wonderful occassion but there is something about the 5th birthday that gives a child the higher status of “kid” and is no longer considered a “baby” anymore. It makes me sad knowing how quickly the past 5 years have gone but we are so proud of how much Martin has grown physically, intellectually, and spiritually. He has memorized part of The Lord’s Prayer and can recite it with us. After we put him to bed, sometimes I will hear him praying on his own. He also learned about mixing colors and went on a school field trip to a pumpkin patch. Lately he has been giving us some 1-Liners that make me laugh. My favorite is “When I’m 5, I will be taller than my length.” My 2nd favorite was after eating some mandarin oranges he told me “My oranges were so good, I was slurping them like a bad guy.” Martin officially weighed in at 45lbs and 44 inches at the doctor’s this year. The pediatrician said he grew 3 inches and gained 5lbs in the course of a year. Oh My!
Brody is just growing and growing as well. He can also recite The Lord’s Prayer with us and if you pause he will often jump in with the next word or phrase. Brody has taken an interest in putting on and taking off his clothes and he can take off pants and socks without any help. He still needs a lot of help with everything else but he makes sure he is partially doing it himself.
The last weekend in October Martin & Brody spent the night at Grandma & Grandpa McCoy’s house. This was Brody’s 1st time sleeping away from home without Brett or myself there with him. He did surprisingly well (and so did I). Both boys had a blast!